Most customers have the mindset that the scalp analysis can detect what is wrong with the scalp and the problem causing hair loss and other scalp issues, but this is not the whole picture. Scalp analysis merely assists in the enlarged inspection of the scalp, which enables us to see the current hair condition i.e. clogged pores, oily scalp or dandruff etc. These observations might just be the symptoms, and not the problem. ​

For any change of new products or treatment, customers should also try for at least a period of 3-4 months to assess if they are suitable to the program or products as our hair cycle grows in a 3 months cycle, it will take some time before the results are seen from the products and treatments used.

Rebalancing the scalp conditions and maintaining it in a good and healthy condition is like nurturing a plant giving it sufficient water, sunlight and fertilizer for it to have the best condition to thrive and grow.

Healthy changes to a person’s eating habits and lifestyle are also essential in determining the results of the promoting healthy scalp conditions and new growth of hair.

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about our treatments, products, or promotions, scroll down to find out more!

Frequently asked questions

Treatment related questions

Why choose Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment?

With more than 20 years of experience, Bee Choo Origin is one of the pioneer brand which introduces Herbal Hair Treatment with precious chinese herbs in Singapore. Our signature herbal pastes are freshly prepared in our ISO and GMP certified factory to ensure freshness and quality. The precious herbs are cooked and extracted for hours in order to bring out the nutrients from the herbs which are essential in bringing back the health of your scalp. Bee Choo Origin has been a award winning crowd favorite brand with experience of more than 1.5 millions time of applications as well as being featured on various media platforms such as Beauty Insider, Daily Vanity, Honeycombers, Zaobao, Wanbao, Shin Min Newspaper, Channel 8 and Channel U.

How often should I come for treatment?

You should treat your hair once every 3-4 weeks depending on your hair conditions. For those with very oily scalp and severe hair loss problem, you should treat your hair every 1-2 weeks for the first 2 months to benefit from the intensive herbal reconditioning. Subsequently, you may treat your hair once every 2-3 weeks for another 2 months. Thereafter, you may follow our normal recommendation of treating your hair once every 3-4 weeks.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

Our treatment is a deep cleansing treatment for the scalp which can helps to unclog pores, getting rid of excess sebum, dandruff particle as well as the shed skin cell from follicles. It also delivers great amount of nutrients and leave them directly on the scalp for the scalp to absorb. This helps in strengthen the scalp condition which can also help in producing healthier and stronger hair. We have two kind of herbal treatment, the first kind is our signature herbal hair treatment which also helps with covering the white hair by dying them reddish-orange. If you prefer a non-colored version, go ahead and opt for the colorless version of our signature treatment which is call the colorless herbal hair treatment.

Do I need herbal treatment?

Regular scalp care is important for us to maintain a healthy environment and  to prevent scalp issues. Our herbal treatment is a scalp maintenance which can help to improve on scalp condition, promote hair growth and hair quality.

Is your treatment suitable for children?

Our herbal treatment is suitable for most ages. However as with all treatments or products used for children it should be supervised by a guardian and we will obtain the consent from the guardian as well. 

Are your treatments 100% natural?

The Herbal Cream we used for the treatment is formulated with 100% precious Chinese herbs, and all natural herbal powder without adding any synthetic chemicals, preservatives and additives.

Is your treatment suitable for pregnant women?

We have many satisfied customers who are pregnant doing our treatment safely. However as medical conditions varies between each customer, we are not in the position to claim that everyone is suitable to go through the treatment while on their pregnancy. We advise you to check with your gynae for medical professional advice if you will be suitable for herbal treatment during your course of pregnancy.

Does your treatment consist of any alcohol?

Our herbal treatment routine includes application of ginger hair tonic on the scalp which consists of alcohol. However you may request to our main store staff for the non-alcohol version*
*Subject to availability in the store

What results can I expect from the treatment?

Results vary from person to person depending on his/her scalp and hair condition, 80% of our customer see results in 3-4 months time. They see a reduction of hair loss in the first month of treatment and growth of baby hair during the second and third month of treatment. The remaining 20% customers take longer time, usually about 6-7 months due to other factors such as stress and insufficient nutrients in the body that delayed the process of hair growth. It is important that with the treatment you also provide sufficient rest and try to relax to reduce stress coupled with balanced healthy diets with good proteins.

What are the ingredients for your treatments?

Our Herbal Cream contains precious Chinese Herbs used in many well-known Chinese traditional remedies such as Ginseng, Ling Zhi, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu and also many other all-natural herbal extract powders that have great benefits for the scalp and hair. 


Do I need to wash my hair before visiting?

It is not necessary, as we will also provide hair wash after the treatment. Please make sure you do not have any hair gel or hair spray on before you come for the treatment. We also provide hair wash at SGD6 prior to treatment.

How long is the treatment?

The whole treatment process takes about 90 minutes. For more information, you may visit our website at

How much are your services?

Our Herbal Hair Treatment pricing ranges from SGD40 – SGD78 depending on the hair length and thickness prior to the treatment.

Which treatments are available?

Currently we have 2 options of herbal treatment which is signature colored herbal treatment and colorless herbal treatment.

Is scalp analysis chargeable?

We provide complimentary scalp analysis at all Bee Choo Origin outlets upon request. Complimentary scalp analysis is available from Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays. 

Do you have private space for muslims?

Yes, all our main stores now have  seats with privacy curtains that cater for Muslim customers’s need for greater privacy. We can arrange the seats upon request. Please contact our store to reserve the privacy seat in advance so they can arrange it for you.

Do you offer a free trial session?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial session.


Do I need to make an booking before visiting?

We are currently running on a priority queue system where the appointment you made will be a queue number for us to serve you in-store.

Why am I not receiving my booking confirmation email?

If you can’t find your confirmation email, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Make sure that you entered the correct email during booking via the website.

How can I cancel and reschedule my booking?

You can reschedule or cancel the booking via the confirmation email link. There is a button to click “reschedule booking” or “cancel booking” on the below of the confirmation email. Please note that bookings can only be rescheduled or cancelled up to 1 hour prior to the booked time.

Do I have to wait even though I have an booking?

We will try to serve every customers as soon as we can, however it will be subjective to the manpower available in-store. Sometimes due to unexpected situation, there may be longer waiting time than usual. For our appointment it will be a priority queue system which you may book for a slot beforehand, without a valid queue number we may have to turn customers away from the store to prevent a overcrowding situation.

I am late for my booking!

Customers will generally be allowed a 10 minute grace period.  If you arrive later than your appointment time more than 15 minutes, we reserve the right to reschedule you appointment to another time. Please note that for the last appointment of the day, we only allow a grace period of 15 minutes, beyond that we apologies we are unable to serve you, and will require that you reschedule your appointment to another time and day.

I am early for my booking!

If you are early and we have manpower available, we will serve you as soon as we can.

How long before my appointment should I arrive?

We request that you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Please expect some waiting time before you are served, we seek your kind patience.


What should I take note of after my treatment?
  1. If you have just done a fresh treatment, we will recommend that for colored treatment you should use a dark colored towel to prevent any staining of color on your towel. The color may come off slightly for the first few days when the hair is wet so we will also avoid wearing white tee after your shower.
  2. Do avoid swimming for the first few days after your treatment
  3. Do avoid doing any chemical treatment such as rebonding, chemical coloring, or perm for the next three weeks from your treatment date
When is my next visit?

You should treat your hair once every 3-4 weeks depending on your hair condition. For those with very oily scalp and severe hair loss problems, you should treat your hair every 1-2 weeks for the first 2 months to benefit from the intensive herbal reconditioning. Subsequently, you may treat your hair once every 2-3 weeks for another 2 months. Thereafter, you may follow our normal recommendation of treating your hair once every 3-4 weeks.

What if I experience more hair loss after the treatment?

It is a normal situation as herbal treatment acts like a detox, it will remove all unhealthy toxins from your scalp. After the initial period of adaptation, hair fall issue will usually reduce and it will stabilize. Then new hair starts to grow in its place. You can continue to observe it unless you develop symptoms similar to allergy.

What if I experience some itchiness after the treatment?

For mild itchiness it may be due to the fact that the scalp is newly introduced to this herbal routine, it will take some time to get used to the treatment. However if you experience symptoms of itchiness which you are unsure if it is normal, free feel to check in with us on this so we may advise you further. 

Can I wash my hair after the treatment?

You may wash your hair but it is advisable to wait for at least 5 hours after doing the Herbal Hair Treatment.

Will my hair change color after the treatment?

If you select the signature colored herbal treatment, please take note that it may affect the dyed hairs or white hairs as our signature coloured herbal treatment contains a natural dye which dyes white hairs or dyed hairs. However, the vibrancy of the resultant color varies depending on the individual’s hair type and pigmentation of existing color. For the color of herbal treatment, it is due to the combination of the herbs that contain the colour naturally.

Can I go swimming after the treatment?

It is not recommended to go swimming after your treatment as the chlorine in swimming pools will make your hair become very dry.

My hair feels dry after herbal treatment, what aftercare should I do?

Some customer may experience dry hair ends depending on individual hair conditions, for customer with dry hair ends we recommend you may add on our treatment spa to your hair ends to steam with your treatment on your next visit with us. For at home aftercare, definitely look into our Purity Repair Hair Conditioner as well as regular hair mask with our treatment mask during your shower. Just before finish blowing dry your hair you can consider to apply our damaged hair rebuilder to finish off the best protection for your hair ends.

Can I dye, perm, and rebond my hair before/after herbal treatment?

Yes, you may do so. However, we advise you to refrain from any colouring or performing any chemical treatments to your hair for at least 3 weeks after doing our treatment. This is herbal elements will stay on your scalp for 2-3 weeks which makes it effective, thus chemical treatment is unable to penetrate into hair.

I have got more questions

Feel free to contact us by emailing us at, or connect with us over Facebook Messager via our facebook page BeeChooOrigin


Must I buy a package to enjoy your service?

Absolutely not, there is no need to have a package with us to enjoy our services. You may walk in for an ala-carte session every time. You may refer to our published rate on the website according to your hair length. 

What are the benefits of signing for a package then?

Package holders will enjoy a fixed rate for treatment costs locked in for the holder at the time of purchase, so even if your hair is longer after half a year, you will still enjoy the same price you locked in at time of purchase. With that you also enjoy additional benefits such as free 1 session of treatment or 1 session worth of purchase, completely your choice.

What if I am unsure about signing up for a package?

You can always take your time to consider, there is no need to sign for a package unless you are really sure about your decisions. Our package is valid for 1 year and you may also ask for a one-time extension should you require it before the expiry of the package. Do read all the terms and conditions and ensure you are agreeable to them before signing any packages as always!

Can the treatment package be shared?

Package are not sharable, however in your presence you may request to utilise the credits of 1 session of your package to offset another individual’s session however the customer will be charged as per ala-carte session pricing as published on our website at the time of transaction so any difference in pricing has to be top-up by the individual.

I can’t finish my package in time!

We provide a one-time extension of 180 days for a 10 times package as well as 90 days extension for a 6 times package, however do remember to submit your request before your package expiration date so you may enjoy the extension!

Does the treatment package expire?

All treatment packages will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. You can also visit our promotion page for more information.  

Do you send reminders for package expiry?

We apologise due to the large amount of requests we are unable to send any reminders for package expiry, do kindly take note during your package sign up, you will also receive a receipt for every visit and you may refer to the bottom of the receipt for your remaining session as well as validity date.

Is your package refundable?

If you have not yet utilized your package and is within 3 days from your date of sign up, you may choose to refund it under our cooling period, however administrative charges will apply. After the first 3 days of cooling period or upon utilizing the package we apologies the package is not refundable as per our terms and conditions for the package.

Can I dye, perm, and rebond my hair before/after herbal treatment?

Yes, you may do so. However, we advise you to refrain from any colouring or performing any chemical treatments to your hair for at least 3 weeks after doing our treatment. This is herbal elements will stay on your scalp for 2-3 weeks which makes it effective, thus chemical treatment is unable to penetrate into hair.


What are the benefits of having a Bee Choo Origin Loyalty Card?
  • You may redeem a mini shampoo after collecting the 3rd stamp on your card on your next visit
  • You may redeem 1 vial of Essence Vitamins for 6th stamp on your card on your next visit
  • You may redeem 30% off on the next treatment purchase for your 9th stamp during your next visit

Rewards are subjected to availability and may change from time to time.

How do I get a Bee Choo Origin Loyalty Card?

Customers who purchase an ala-carte Herbal Hair Treatment session will be eligible to receive a loyalty card at participating Bee Choo Origin main outlets.

How can I earn a loyalty stamp?

For every ala-carte Herbal Hair Treatment you purchase at Bee Choo Origin main outlets, you will get a loyalty stamp on the card. Customers must show their Loyalty Card to our cashier prior to payment for us to reward the loyal stamp. Unfortunately, we are not able to re-issue a Loyalty stamp for the Loyalty Card that is presented after the time of purchase. You can also visit our website for full terms and conditions.

What if i lost my Loyalty Card?

Unfortunately, we are not able to re-issue a Loyalty Card for any lost, stolen or damaged card as reported by the cardholder.

Can I combine multiple Loyalty Cards?

You are not allowed to combine the stamps on different Loyalty Cards to enjoy the rewards.

Do my Loyalty Cards expire?

The Loyalty Card is valid for 365 calendar days from the date of issue. The date of issue will also  be written on the card itself. You can also visit our website for full terms and conditions.

Do my rewards expire?

All gifts, add-ons, and treatment discounts must be redeemed by the expiry date of Loyalty Card. You can also visit our website for full terms and conditions.


Can I purchase your products online?

We are able to ship to Singapore addresses, just head on to our products page, add to cart the products you would like to purchase, and cart out to complete your purchase. We provide free delivery for purchases above $80 dollars, otherwise it will be $6 for delivery charges.

What are the benefits shopping online?

You can shop 24/7 at the comfort of your own home or straight from your mobile and we will deliver with the next 3-7 working days with our courier partner!

Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, we do not ship overseas. Delivery service is available within Singapore only.

General questions

What other program do I have to follow besides the treatment?

It is recommended that you should also:

  1. Have a balanced diet with healthy amount of proteins, cut down on oily food and spicy food
  2. Have sufficient rest and have a regular sleep cycle
  3. Try to have proper stress management

All these factors can lead to hair loss. For more acute hair loss condition, you may seek Chinese physician to assist in controlling your hormonal imbalance that causes hair loss and at the same time try our herbal treatment to see a faster result.

I do not have hair loss problem, can I benefit from the treatment?

Even if you do not have hair loss or oily scalp problem, our treatment can also help cover grey hair(if any), stimulate new hair growth and maintain healthy scalp condition, remove excess sebum, and improve overall scalp condition which helps improve hair quality. It is extremely important to start scalp maintenance in hair loss prevention!

Before the herbal treatment, can I apply cream or hair serum at the hair ends?

Yes. Before the herbal treatment, we will apply olive oil at the hair ends to soften and protect the hair during the steaming process, thus applying serum or cream does not affect the herbal treatment. We also highly encourage adding on treatment spa cream for your hair ends during your treatment, you will enjoy soft and silky hair ends after the steaming process.

Is this herbal treatment same as henna coloring?

Our treatment is created by mixing the extracts from Chinese herbs as well as natural plant extracts which shown to have great benefits for scalp and hair conditions. The result of that is a highly nutritious combination which is also effective in removing excess sebum which clogs the hair pores which affect hair growth. After balancing the pH and the oil secretion of the scalp, the scalp will be in the best condition to produce strong and healthy hair.

Whereas for henna treatment, it is traditionally used for hair or hand dying effect.

Can I colour (chemical) my hair after the treatment?

Yes you may, however it is not highly recommended as chemical hair dye contains many different synthetic additives which is toxic for the scalp. We advise you to refrain from any coloring, perming, rebonding or performing any chemical process to your hair for at least 3 weeks.

Do I need to wash my hair before the herbal treatment?

Even though our herbal treatment is targeted to remove oil and dirt on the scalp. We will recommend for you to visit us without styling gel, wax or clay as it might affect the efficiency of the treatment. You may request for us to pre wash your hair for you before herbal treatment.*Additional charges applies*

Is your treatment suitable for G6PD deficiency customers?

We advise customer with any medical conditions to first clear with their doctors prior to any external treatments applied. You may also opt for an patch test with our store staff to check for any acute or delayed reactions of allergies to any ingredients in our herbal paste.

Do Bee Choo Origin main outlets provide hair cutting services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide hair cutting service at our salon.