Hot or Cold? Which is better for your hair wash?

How Does Water Temperature Affect Your Hair?

Different temperature of water affects your hair differently, both warm and cold water are beneficial in this aspect. It can be beneficial to consider both!

What Are the Effects of Warm Water on Your Hair?

Warm water works better when cleansing your scalp as they aid to dissolve

any build-up, dirt or grim, plus it helps unclog your pores. It opens the pores on your scalp and allows thorough cleansing. This is very beneficial to those with greasy or oily hair as it eliminates surplus of oil.

Warm water also stimulates blood circulation which is vital for healthy hair growth and creates extra texture which leaves your hair looking more voluminous.

What Are the Effects of Cold Water on Your Hair?

The benefits of using cold water to wash your hair varies from warm water, one major difference is cold water preserve the natural oils in our hair and close our hair cuticles. In turns, our hair will be more manageable, smoother, and shinier. It is extremely beneficial to individuals with curly or thin hair, as it controls breakage, frizz and pesky flyaway.

Hot Or Cold Water – Which Is Better For Your Hair Wash?

Both temperatures have their benefits. You can consider using warm water first, and end with a cold rinse. The most important factor to consider when choosing the temperature is the condition of your scalp.

Warm water at some level may not be suitable for those with sensitive scalp, thus using cold water can help soothe those with sensitive and dry scalp.