It’s time to treat your scalp – not just your hair! Our Scalp Moisture Lotion provides your scalp the care it deserves. This innovative, unique conditioning formula provides excellent scalp hydration and nourishes the scalp while strengthening the scalp moisture barrier! The result? A hydrated, healthy scalp that is ready to grow gorgeous hair!

✓ Strengthen scalp moisture barrier
✓ Hydrate and condition the scalp
✓ Rejuvenate scalp elasticity
✓ Nourishes hair follicles
✓ Protects and improves scalp health

Suitable for all scalp types
Recommended for dry scalp, scalp tightness/itchiness, scalp eczema & scalp psoriasis

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Apply to damp scalp after shampooing, use pea-sized amounts, and gently massage lotion onto the scalp with the pads of your fingers (avoid using nails). Repeat the application until the entire scalp is covered. Leave on for one minute, then rinse off completely.

Use 2-3 times a week or as needed.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Bee Choo Essence

Our proprietary herbal concentrate, a result of a decade of fine-tuning and extracting the most effective components of our award-winning herbal treatment,  formulated by the Founder Mdm Cheah, extracting the best nutrients from only the most premium and effective Chinese herbs ingredients (He Shou Wu, Lingzhi, Ginseng, Dang Gui), backed by years of research and visible result, and is scientifically designed to stimulate hair growth, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease scalp issues.

Ceramide (Ceramide NP)

A type of fatty acid that is essential for maintaining the natural scalp barrier and improving moisture retention. It aids to improve scalp elasticity, protect it from external damage, lock in moisture, and keeping the scalp healthy and strong.

Millet Seed Extract

The active agent within Millet Seed provides the nutrients required by the hair follicles and helps with the key factors to stimulate hair growth. In addition to hair growth, this extract is anti-inflammatory and aids in wound healing.

Scutellaria Alpina Extract

Derived from a unique alpine flower species, this flower extract helps to protect the scalp against stress damage and preserves hydration.

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