• Bee Choo Origin Signature Herbal Hair Treatment is a soothing herbal scalp and hair treatment inspired by traditional oriental medicine and informed by modern science. Our premium natural herbal concoctions are made with 16 herbal ingredients including premium Chinese herbs and herbal leaves extracts which are scientifically designed for hair loss, oily scalp and other hair issues. Bee Choo Origin’s 100% Natural Herbal Treatment is our unique proprietary formula that we spent over 20 years perfecting. We combine modern technologies and scientific research to ensure our treatment are safe, affordable and effective.Bee Choo Origin Herbal Cream 8 Main Efficacy:
    1. Increase hair volume naturally
    2. Delay the growth of white hair and cover white hair
    3. Control Oily Scalp
    4. Control Dandruff
    5. Reduce Alopecia Areata
    6. Reduce Psoriasis
    7. Reduce Sensitive Scalp
    8. Reduce Follicle Blockage
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Take Home Kit Premium Pack (Chinese)

Take Home Kit Premium Pack (English)

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