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Bee Choo Origin is a scalp and hair care salon that specialize in herbal treatment.
Our 100% natural unique herbs-based formulation addresses the problems that your scalp may be facing by cleansing away excess sebum, dead skin cells and unclogging pores, leaving your scalp clean and healthy. Our signature herbal treatment when applied on the scalp helps revitalising scalp condition, provides abundance of nutrients from the extracts of precious Chinese herbs and herbal leaves.
Upon the treatment application, our herbal cream also helps rebalance the scalp’s pH level, so to encourage healthy hair growth in a nutrient-filled environment. We believe a head full of beautiful hair begins from a healthy scalp, and scalp maintenance is one of the most crucial steps in a great hair care routine.
Key Benefits of:
✔️ Rebalance and revitalize the scalp
✔️ Nourish the scalp
✔️ Deep cleansing of scalp
✔️ Improve blood circulation to the scalp, to encourage healthy hair growth
✔️ Detoxify the scalp
If you are looking for a natural solution to your grey / white hair woes, our Signature herbal treatment is an excellent option! Our Signature herbal treatment comes in two options: Coloured and Colourless.
Coloured treatment – White/grey hair or light coloured hair will take on the shade of reddish-orange. (results varies with individuals)
Colourless treatment – Enjoy the same scalp benefits while keeping your original hair colour.

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Bee Choo Origin Herbal Treatment Process

The whole process takes about 90 minutes.Below are the various steps and process to give you a better understanding.


Our Pricing

Each illustrations shows the maximum length accepted for each price.*With effect from 15th April 2022


Complimentary scalp analysis available at all Bee Choo Origin upon request. Available from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
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Bee Choo Origin is one of the pioneer brands to develop and introduce an all-natural herbal-based hair and scalp treatment in Singapore, we have been in the market helping customers with hair loss issues for more than 20 years. Our treatment come with an easy, efficient application process; there are no hidden costs or gimmicks.Don’t hear it from us, hear from tens of  thousands of our customers whom have experience our treatment. Stop letting let hair loss or scalp issues ruin your confidence and self-esteem when the potential issues you are facing can be alleviated or even resolve by proper scalp care routine and regular scalp treatment maintenance. Restore and invigorate scalp health with Bee Choo Origin’s proprietary, 100% natural herbal formula that works for both women & men!Proven to be effective, we’ve witness how our natural herbal hair treatment has helped tens of thousands of our customers. It’s perfect for people living in humid places like Singapore and is also a much safer alternative hair solution as compared to chemical treatments! The herbal treatment we offer have been carefully researched to provide the right amount of care for your scalp and hair at the most affordable price, without compromising the quality of our products.Routine maintenance of your scalp is essential for healthy hair growth! Experience the benefits for yourself by booking a relaxing herbal treatment today!

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