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The Dandruff and Psoriasis problem had distress me few months and couldn’t being cure. One day, I passed by and saw the advertisement of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment can reduce psoriasis, so I step in the store to know more about it. The Scalp Therapist is very experienced and professional, helped me gone through a Scalp Analysis and detailed explained my symptoms, and how to resolve in the right way. I decided to try initially however just after few treatment sessions, I can see it had reduced significantly. Bee Choo Origin’s herbal treatment formula is effective, thank you.
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Dandruff Treatment Wong Yin Ping - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia


(Wong Yin Ping)

In my younger days, I used to dye my hair often to myself look good. As a result of the excessive used of these chemical dyes, my scalp was damaged. I stopped dyeing my hair after giving birth. As more and more white hair grew due to ageing, I dyed my hair once a month. I was worried that the strong chemical in hair dyes will be harmful to my health and also tired of chemical dyeing. My mother suggested me to try the treatment and hair dye at Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair and the result was significant. Additionally, the dandruff problem has also showed visible improvement. Now I don’t have to worry if doing hair treatment is harmful to my health.


(Madam Leo)

Due to excessive hair dyeing, my scalp became very weak and lead to hair loss. Although I have tried several hair treatment in the famous hair care centre, there wasn’t any improvements to the hair loss problem. This problem was troubling me. Until one day, a friend recommended Bee Choo Origin herbal hair treatment to me. I could felt the different during the treatment, as my hair and scalp became healthier. I have done the treatment reactivates my scalp, and it is definitely better than the ordinary scalp treatment!
Dandruff Treatment Madam Leo - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia
Dandruff Treatment Jasmine Chiew - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia


(Jasmine Chiew, 30 years old)

My dandruff problem was very troublesome, as it made the scalp itchy and very often, it dropped on the clothes. This made me uncomfortable. At the beginning of year 2011, I came across Bee Choo Origin. From that onwards, I started their hair treatment and using their products. As a result, I no longer have dandruff problem and itchy scalp due to sweat. Sebum production has also more balanced. Now my hair becomes healthier and glossy. I am really thankful to the products of Bee Choo Origin which reduce the burden and maintaining good condition of my hair.


(Patricia Lee)

I had seborrheic eczema problem in year 2008. At the initial stage, it appeared in the form of dandruff. The dandruff dropped out just within a few hours after every hair wash. This problem was making me distress and uncomfortable, especially when the scalp was itchy. I have tried to seek advice from a few skin specialists, but the problem still persisted. In an unexpected occasion, I came across Bee Choo Origin. After a session of treatment, I didn’t manage to go for treatment consistently as the centre was too far from my house. Hence there wasn’t a visible improvement to my problem.

Until year 2011, Bee Choo Origin Herbal Treatment Centre opened a branch in Kluang. I felt very happy as I was able to go for the treatment in that centre. Concurrently, I took the advice from the hair care professional to use the Bee Choo Origin hair care product. In just a few months I got rid of the seborrheic eczema problem. I regain a healthier scalp and glossy hair, also look more energetic. Bee Choo Origin has resolved my scalp problem and slowdown the growth of white hair, it is really benefiting!
Dandruff Treatment Patricia Lee - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia