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Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia



My working place is under a hot and dusty place. I have suffered from hair loss, itchy scalp, hair dry and split for over a decade. This makes me so depressed while facing people. My friend told me that I am facing scalp and hair problems and advised me to seek treatment at Bee Choo Origin. After a few session treatments and using Bee Choo Origin products, my scalp is less itchy, hair loss problem reducing, and my hair is manageable and smells great. Now I have more confident dealing with people.



When I found my scalp was sensitive, feel itchy and redness, I came to Bee Choo Origin through the introduction of my daughter. After a scalp analysis, Scalp Therapist explained my scalp problem to me professionally, it turned out due to my immune system and abnormal keratin metabolism that caused the sensitive problem. And also, the way I washing my hair was wrong. I have only done Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatments for 3 times and use Recover Amino Shampoo and Natural Hair Tonic. My scalp problem had been resolving a lot. I really appreciate Bee Choo Origin.
Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia
Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia



The Dandruff and Psoriasis problem had distress me few months and couldn’t being cure. One day, I passed by and saw the advertisement of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment can reduce psoriasis, so I step in the store to know more about it. The Scalp Therapist is very experienced and professional, helped me gone through a Scalp Analysis and detailed explained my symptoms, and how to resolve in the right way. I decided to try initially however just after few treatment sessions, I can see it had reduced significantly. Bee Choo Origin’s herbal treatment formula is effective, thank you.



I began to notice that I had Alopecia Areata and was very worried. Then went to Facebook to find Shampoo, but didn’t buy it. Later, my sister introduced me to Bee Choo Origin, and I was very happy and hopeful to come to Bee Choo Origin. My therapist told me to cooperate with the conditioning period, so I obeyed. I didn’t really believe it at first, but in just 3 months, my hair started to grow, I really thank Bee Choo Origin and my therapist for getting my hair back, I’m really happy, Bee Choo Origin is so good!
Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia
Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia



I’m Ken, and before using Bee Choo Origin treatments and products, every time I see my hairline is red and itchy, it’s uncomfortable with my wife’s introduction, I went to Bee Choo Origin for a scalp analysis. The therapist told me that my scalp was psoriasis, and then I follow with the treatment schedule and use of products. In just 3-4 months, my scalp has improved a lot and it’s not more itchy. I want to thank my wife and Bee Choo Origin.



I’m LY and I like bleaching my hair every month. Due to this, I started experience scalp pain and losing my hair so much. Then I try to find out the causes of my scalp pain in Instagram. I found Bee Choo Origin, so I tried to inbox for online consultation. They advise me visit the store for a scalp analysis to have more details consultation. OMG! I have severe hair loss problem and my hair follicle atrophied but I was only 21 years old. The scalp is redness… Luckily, I found Bee Choo Origin! They helped me get my scalp and hair back shortly. My hair starts growing strongly!! The most amazing is their new Colourless Herbal Treatment did not affect my favorite dye hair color at all!!!

Testimonials Hair Loss Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia
Testimonials Sensitive Scalp Treatment - Bee Choo Origin Malaysia


(Ms. Michelle)

My hairdresser discovered that my scalp was having viral infection problem a year ago. I sought remedy from the skin specialist immediately. The problem did not get worse but it never cured. When I saw an advertisement of Bee Choo Origin 6 months ago, I decided to try the herbal hair treatment. In just 4 sessions (approximately a month), my husband saw new hair grew on my scalp. Thereafter, my hair growth has shown visible improvement after 4 months of regular treatments (16 sessions). My scalp became healthy and the texture of my hair was also improved.