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(Lin Wen Er, 45 years old)

I had grey hair problem since teenage. To cover the grey hairs, I used to dye my hair using chemical hair dyes frequently. In year 2009, my hair dresser recommended me to try the Bee Choo Origin. After several sessions, I noticed the grey hairs had visibly reduced about 30%. I highly recommend Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment therapy, as this natural herbs treatment will not damage the scalp. Instead, chemical-based hair dyes are harmful to the scalp and hair follicles in the long run.

After having undergone herbal hair treatment, grey hairs had visibly reduced and my hair has become shiny and glossy.


(Madam Teoh)

Grey hair will expose due to ageing. In order to cover the grey hair, hair dyeing is not avoidable. Frequent dyeing will accelerate the exposure rate of grey hair, hence increase the frequency of hair dying. Due to excessive hair dying, the scalp became severely sensitive and consequently caused hair loss. Besides regular itchiness, the chemical contain of the hair dyes had eventually damaged my scalp and caused a large area of red scar. The hair stylist (also a close friend of mine) of a saloon which I used to visit recurrently, was worry about my condition.

She advised me to stop using chemical hair dyes and pay a visit to the Bee Choo Origin for Herbal Hair Treatment. After undergone 2 months intensive treatment, there was a significant reduction to the reddishness and itchiness. The red scars on the scalp were also fading overtime. Since I started regular treatment with Bee Choo Origin, my scalp has became healthier and hair is easier to manage. Most importantly, this treatment has also mitigated my hair greying problem. It is really benefiting!
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Wong Yin Ping)

In my younger days, I used to dye my hair often to myself look good. As a result of the excessive used of these chemical dyes, my scalp was damaged. I stopped dyeing my hair after giving birth. As more and more grey hair grew due to ageing, I dyed my hair once a month. I was worried that the strong chemical in hair dyes will be harmful to my health and also tired of chemical dyeing. My mother suggested me to try the treatment at Bee Choo Origin cause they could help to resolve grey hair issue and the result was significant. Additionally, the dandruff problem has also showed visible improvement. Now I don’t have to worry if doing hair treatment is harmful to my health.


I had been using hair dyes to cover up my grey hair. As I am working in a clinic, I have seen many cases of skin diseases due to chemical dyes. This made me hesitated to chemical based hair dyes. Since I started to dye my hair, more grey hair had developed and almost 80% are white hair! I heard from older people the about the myths of dyeing hair will develop more grey hair, but I was not aware of the reason behind. Thereafter, I discovered that chemical hair dyes contains Hydrogen Peroxide which will reduce the Melanin content of the scalp. That is why more white hair will develop using hair dyes.

My friend recommended Bee Choo Origin to me. I then decided to try Bee Choo Origin herbal hair treatment to cover up the grey hair, which I felt more secure and safe. After underwent the Herbal Hair Treatment for more than a year, I was surprised that grey hairs are not visible! Just like what the hair care therapist at Bee Choo Origin mentioned: Healthy black hair will grow if the scalp and hair could consume herbs. It is really cool!
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(Ms. Koh, 55 years old)

I am a teacher by profession. Due to stress and hormone imbalance, I was suffering from severe hair loss and white hair problem. I came across Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment a year ago from a friend. After having undergone 12 intensive treatments, the hair drop had reduced and new black, healthy hair started to grow. Now I have regained at least 70% of density. To maintain my healthy hair, I am still undergoing treatment with Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment regularly. Thanks to Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment, you have resolved my hair loss and white hair problem.



My grey hair problem started since I was a teenage, and from that onwards, I had never stopped dyeing my hair. To cover the grey hair, I even dyed my hair once a week. As a result of frequent dyeing, my scalp got sensitive and developed dandruff problem. Since I started hair treatment at Bee Choo Origin Centre (Kota Tinggi branch) a year ago, I no longer dyeing hair using chemical dyes. Moreover, the condition of my scalp has also improved. I feel good and thankful to Bee Choo Origin.
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